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Welcome from the Chancellor and President

Established in 1885 as the English Law School, Chuo University was founded by 18 young attorneys who shared the philosophy of "Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice." Their goal was to provide practical education based on empirical knowledge and rational thinking, believing that understanding and knowledge of rational and practical British law was indispensable for the establishment of the judicial system  and modernization of Japan. Today, as one of Japan's leading universities, we are proud to carry on this 130-year old tradition and to pursue Chuo's mission of practical education.

Over the years Chuo has grown steadily from a specialized School of Law, which continues to produce many of Japan's judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, to a comprehensive university with six faculties, eight graduate schools, and three professional graduate schools, in addition to nine research institutes, four affiliated high schools, and two affiliated junior high schools. Dedicated to meeting the demands of today's global society, we aspire to nurture young people through practical education based on our university message, "Knowledge into Action."

However, knowledge at Chuo is not just what we acquire in order to work in society. It is also about developing the determination necessary to improve society, most importantly by confronting problems that are common to all humankind, especially those related to how we can sustain our beautiful planet for future generations. Chuo provides diverse learning opportunities on our campuses, where students with different backgrounds and goals explore their full potential, and in society through internships and extracurricular activities where our students can explore professional roles.

Embracing growth and change, we are proud to have celebrated Chuo's 130th anniversary in 2015. With the spirit of "One Chuo," we are committed to a strategy of establishing, developing, and sustaining ourselves as an international university in all aspects of teaching, learning and research activities. Furthermore, as a winner of government funding for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, Chuo is striving to provide university-wide educational support that prepares each student to play an important role in the global arena.

The Chuo community consists of more than 27,000 students and over 1,100 full-time staff on our four campuses in Tokyo. We are also very proud to have a network of over 540,000 alumni in Japan and across the globe. Today we are opening offices in strategic locations overseas and continuing to develop new partnerships with international institutions worldwide, fully committed to providing our students with exciting learning opportunities in Japan and abroad, and offering each and every student the opportunity to fulfill their own full potential.

Please join us... we look forward to welcoming you to the Chuo community!
Chancellor and President
Shozaburo Sakai