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Tadahiko Fukuhara was born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan in 1954. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University in 1977, he received a doctorate from Chuo’s Graduate School of Law in 1984. In 1993 Fukuhara joined the Chuo University Faculty of Law, and was promoted to Professor in 1995. Fukuhara also became a Professor in the Chuo Law School, and served as its Dean between 2007 and 2011. During this period in 2008, Fukuhara was also appointed to the University Board of Directors. In November 2011, he was elected in the Chuo University Presidential Election to serve his first term as University President as well as University Chancellor. Reelected in 2018, Fukuhara is currently serving his second term as of May 2018. Fukuhara has also served as a member of the Working Committee of the Council for the Institution of Universities, a committee established under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and is a trustee of the Japan University Accreditation Association as well as a permanent director of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges. His area of specialization is Civil Law.

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