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    What I Learned from Tora-san

    Takeshi Usami
    Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
    Areas of Specialization: Modern Japanese Literature and Modern Culture Studies


Results of Success

Distinctive University Education

Located in the western suburbs of Tokyo and surrounded by the lush greenery of the Tama Hills, Chuo's Tama Campus offers stunning views of Mt. Fuji and boasts dozens of cherry trees that come into full bloom each spring. Three other campuses are located in central Tokyo with four campuses in all, attracting approximately 26,000 students coming from across Japan and around the world to study.

Chuo is also proud of its strong alumni network topping 580,000 graduates. Known for accomplishments in law, politics, and science and engineering, Chuo is one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in Japan. In addition, many of Chuo's Business and Economics graduates have become top-level executives at major corporations globally.

Notable Rankings

Rankings prove that Chuo University stands out among leading universities in Japan with unique strengths in many professional areas.