• Museums during the Pandemic

    Museums during the Pandemic

    Saki Yokoyama
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
    Area of Specialization: Museum Studies


Faculty of Global Management

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Hisashi KAWAI Dean, Faculty of Global Management

The Faculty of Global Management was founded with the aim of fostering active global business leaders through education and research on management, economics theory, and other related fields. Under the slogan of “Be Ahead of the World,” the Faculty is committed to establishing innovation in the development of global education at Chuo University.
On April 1, 2020, we welcomed many talented and ambitious students from Japan and abroad. Offering the option of Fall enrollment as well, this September we expect to welcome significant numbers of international students from around the world. This year is the second year since founding, and, like the first year, it is still in a stage of development. In that sense, students are the members who are helping the Faculty of Global Management to evolve, together with the faculty and staff.
I look forward to your active participation. The enrolled students have the honor of assuming a place in the history of Chuo University, a position they share with all the faculty and staff of the Faculty of Global Management, affectionately known as “GLOMAC.”

Hisashi KAWAI Dean, Faculty of Global Management