Industrial and Systems Engineering

   In the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, students are able to study various solutions for management problems and opportunities from the viewpoint of quantitative methods. Our department has comprehensive curriculum and broad subjects related to  management theories and methodologies to master excellent management knowledge and skills. Mathematics, statistical theory and computer science assigned in the first year are the basis for all studies. Furthermore, each student is able to study various subjects in the field of industrial and systems engineering, e.g., data analysis method, operations research, human media engineering, production management and quality management. In addition, through experiment classes, such as ergonomics, students acquire practical management techniques. In their senior year, all students write a theoretical or practical graduation thesis and many students go on to our graduate school to continue high-level studies.
   In recent years, the words Big Data and Data Scientist are attracting attention and our department plays a central role in these business areas. Industrial Systems and Management are the best fields of study for those who want to engage in supporting the activities of companies or other organizations from the viewpoint of management.

Fields of interest

Applied Statistics
Applied Optimization
Data Analysis
Development and Production Engineering
Financial Engineering
Human Media Engineering
Intelligent Informatics
Intelligent Systems Engineering
Marketing Science
New Product Development
Operations Management
Operations Research
Probability Analysis
Reliability Engineering
Soft Computing
Statistical Science