Graduate School of Commerce

Research and education in the Graduate School of Commerce are divided into Master's and Doctoral programs that are primarily for researchers, and a Master's business course program, primarily for business professionals. The only official major offered is Commerce, but upon closer examination of the many various subjects scattered throughout the curriculum it is apparent that the School actually offers as many courses as the five majors of Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and Trading, Economics, and Finance.

Furthermore, there are over 80 teaching staff members, counting those who are full-time or holding concurrent posts at the Graduate School. The large number of staff members makes possible the implementation of a supervisory system that provides guidance at nearly the individual level and enables interdisciplinary research.

The substantial teaching staff and the rational selection of subjects provided by the course system instituted at the Graduate School of Commerce enable the students to select the academic advisor as well as the courses and subjects that are most ideally suited to their desires and objectives.


Course Catalog(Master Program)(21KB)

Teruo SHIBA Dean, Graduate School of Commerce

The Graduate School of Commerce has produced outstanding human resources in a wide area of fields since it was founded 60 years ago. Our alumni include university professors with excellent research skills and an awareness of real issues, accountants and CPAs with a high degree of professionalism and keen insight, and highly qualified businesspeople who possess expert knowledge and practical problem solving capabilities.

Teruo SHIBA Dean, Graduate School of Commerce