Graduate School of Economics

Founded at the same time as the Graduate School of Law, the Graduate School of Economics is one of the oldest graduate schools in the University. A distinct feature of the education given here is that study of pure economic theory is counterbalanced by an emphasis on policy research and applied economics: thus, graduate students can go on to pursue a wide variety of research themes, applying the economic theory they have learnt to real economic problems, giving full consideration to its applicability and drawing policy suggestions from their analyses. Various new research methods are tried out, including the use of computers to develop competence in analysis of economic phenomena.


The Graduate School of Economics offers flexibility in its guidance and in research areas available to students. Our Master's Program consists of courses in three areas of specialization: Economics, International Economics, and Public Economics, with unique degree programs in each. The Economics course offers economic theory, data analysis, and the history of economics programs; the International Economics course offers international economics・international finance, international business, and economic development・international cooperation; and the Public Economics course offers public economy and environmental economics.The curriculum structure makes it possible for graduate students to study effectively and efficiently in accordance with their individual interests.


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Hirokazu TAKIZAWA Dean, Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics offers instruction in a wide range of fields including management, accounting, and public administration, in addition to economic theory, history, and policy. Our Master’s Program offers a curriculum structure with an International Economics course and a Public Economics course to enable graduate students to study effectively and efficiently in accordance with their individual interests. The Doctoral Program provides guidance to students as they complete their doctoral dissertations and research presentations.

Hirokazu TAKIZAWA Dean, Graduate School of Economics