Graduate School of Law

Research and education in the Graduate School of Law are primarily delivered in lecture and seminar format in accordance with the given curriculum. In both settings, the number of students is small. A key feature of the curriculum is the availability, in addition to major-specific subjects, of numerous general subjects, including important subjects that form the foundation for legal and political science research in each major area. To facilitate research from a wider perspective, curricula are managed flexibly, and electives from outside the student’s major or graduate school are recognized. Students in Doctoral studies are offered opportunities to participate in a variety of projects as contract or assistant researchers in the University’s research institutes.


In an effort to encourage broader participation by adult students, special entry exams have been offered for students in the workforce in all majors. Korakuen Campus offers classes in the evenings on weekdays and Saturday afternoons in the majors of Private Law and International Business Transaction Law for lawyers, CPAs, and in-house lawyers in government and the private sector to foster the ability of highly expert professionals to respond to society’s increasingly diverse requirements.


Course Catalog(Master Program)(18KB)


Maki NISHIUMI Dean, Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law fosters the growth of its students into sophisticated professionals capable of identifying problems independently and finding logical solutions. It is also highly suited to the needs of international students seeking a legal education in Japan. The program includes majors in four categories of law (public law, private law, criminal law, and international business transaction law) in addition to a political science major. It is characterized by small classes and a flexible curriculum in which students can focus on their majors while also incorporating a variety of general subjects, including subjects beyond the legal field but strongly relate to it.


Makoto ARAI Dean, Graduate School of Law