Graduate School of Letters

The Master’s program of the Graduate School of Letters is based on a curriculum that packages lectures and seminars, with the aim of providing guidance to graduate students to enable them to study basic specialist knowledge in their particular fields. The School offers an optimal environment for carrying out research, as it provides libraries and seminar rooms for each major, as well as highly individualized guidance for the students.


In the Doctoral program, the students receive very thorough individual supervision based on the foundation of their Master’s program research, with emphasis on further in-depth research and thesis writing. This program makes it possible for students to obtain the skills and capabilities needed by a research specialist to carry out research that is creative and substantiative.


Moreover, students in either the Master’s or Doctoral programs can study “General Education” subjects, which are subjects that enable students to acquire knowledge outside the boundaries of their specialty through a cross-sectional approach. As a result, students become able to acquire a high level of education in a broad sense. By combining this with knowledge in a specialized field, they become able to cultivate the character and skills necessary to follow their chosen path.


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Hidehiro NAKAO Dean, Graduate School of Letters
The Graduate School of Letters covers a wide range of humanities and social sciences within its 13 majors. Our alumni are actively engaged in regional and global society with intellectual sophistication and practical skills. Seminar rooms are set aside for the use of instructors and students, and group research rooms for each major are fully equipped with books and materials. Our students produce high quality Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, a direct result of learning in small classes with highly concentrated guidance.


Hidehiro NAKAO Dean, Graduate School of Letters