Business School (Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management)

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Since we are aware of the significance of strategic business management in this globalized world, there is a pressing need to nurture business people with strategic management skills who succeed in the rapid changes of society and economics. Moreover, legal issues associated with corporate planning are becoming more important when it comes to corporate decision making.


Through the MBA program at Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, we offer programs which integrate key business components ; business strategy, marketing, human resource management and corporate legal issues. Taking advantage of a long tradition of legal education at Chuo University, this integrated program is designed to prepare students who are familiarized with both legal and management issues in the corporate world. By bringing together a group of highly-qualified specialists in these areas, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management will train you to develop unparalleled “Leadership Thinking”.

【Mission of the program】

・ Pursue the main aim of this program: “Strategy,” which continues to become increasingly significant in business management.

・ Nurture human resources who are able to think strategically in all aspects of business management

・ Support strategic thinking with a legal mind-set

Hiroshi NAKAMURA Dean, Business School

The Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management is a business school to meet the needs of future CEOs enabling them to make judgments based on broad vision and a solid body of knowledge. There are great expectations for us to blaze a path to the future with our diverse and fulfilling curricula in the five areas such as "strategies," "marketing," "human resource management," "finance," and "corporate legal affairs."

Hiroshi NAKAMURA Dean, Business School