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International Center


742-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
192-0393 Japan


Tel:+81-42-674-2211, 2212


Semester or Full-year

Application deadline

Admission Application deadline
Admission in April 2015 October 31 2014
Admission in September 2015 April 30 2015

Application 2015/2016

① Application
For general information about Chuo University Student Exchange Program, please download the following document.


(1) Study Exchange Program for Partner institute.


For students who are interested in spending part of your degree program at Chuo, please download the following details.


・ Leaflet Student Exchange Program (231KB)

List of Student Exchange Partners (234KB)

Following chart may help you when you think about your study plan at Chuo.
Academic Advice by Your Study Plan (127KB)

Application forms are as follows :


please refer the check list (Format A) for required documents for the application.
Download the format [A] to [F] shown below when applying to the program

Formats  for the documents:
[A] Check List (27KB) 
[B] Application Form for Admission (69KB)
[C] Study Plan (18KB)
[D] Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency (38KB) 
[E] Certificate of Health (1064KB)
[F] Documents for Eligibility and Financial information (59KB)
[G] (Graduate program only) Academic Reference (37KB)

(2) Courses

Please note that most of the courses are taught in Japanese at Chuo University. If you need to take credits to transfer for your degree at home institutions, proficiency in Japanese is required. Also, we offer some courses taught in English, which are mostly offered at the Faculty of Policy Studies shown in the below list.


< Courses offered in English >
Please be noted that the courses for new academic year will be fixed by the end of March.

・ 2014-2015 Courses offered in English(by discipline)  (2.7MB)




・ 2014-2015 Undergraduate courses offered in English(by faculty)  (267KB)

・ 2014-2015 Undergraduate courses syllabus  (17.2MB)

・ Syllabus for Japanese Law-English taught courses (starts from 2013Fall)  (100KB)


【Graduate School】


・ 2014-2015 Graduate courses offered in English(by faculty)  (95.3KB)

・ 2014-2015 Graduate courses syllabus  (3.55MB)


< Course Catalog for degree students >


Below is the courses for degree students, which are mostly offered in Japanese. Exchange students are able to take courses, too.



・ Faculty of Law 2014/2015 (139KB)

・ Faculty of Economics 2014/2015 (246KB)

・ Faculty of Commerce 2014/2015 (63KB)

・ Faculty of Science and Engineering 2014/2015 (87KB)

・ Faculty of Letters 2014/2015 (47KB)

・ Faculty of Policy Studies 2014/2015 (107KB)


【Graduate School】


・ Law (17KB)

・ Economics (21KB)

・ Commerce (25KB)

・ Science and Engineering (1865KB)

・ Letters (23KB)

・ Policy Studies (103KB)

・ Public Policy (25KB)