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Chuo Summer Program (NOT offered in 2016)

Chuo University has been offering summer program for students interested in Japanese language and culture since 2002. At this moment, we are remodeling the program and we are NOT going to offer the Chuo Summer program in 2016. We hope we can offer wonderful program in 2017. Thank you for your understanding.  

For your information, we provide an information about the Chuo Summer Program 2015. The Chuo Summer Program aims to develop international students' understanding of Japan through daily experiences both on and off campus, and consists of the following components, all conducted in English:
  ・ "Taking a Closer Look at Japan" Courses
  ・ Japanese Culture and Sports Activities

Japan is one of the oldest and yet most modernized countries in the world, and Tokyo is an energetic and exciting city, a gateway to the unique and fascinating culture of Japan. The Chuo Summer Program incorporates many cultural activities, as well as field trips to historic and culturally significant sites. This summer, study at Chuo for......the ultimate Japan Experience!
2015 Chuo Summer Program- Info  (for your reference)