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International Center

742-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
192-0393 Japan

Tel:+81-42-674-2211, 2212
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University Scholarships

Chuo University offers three types of scholarships:
  1. 30% reduction of tuition fee.
  2. Scholarships for new undergraduate students to cover 30% of the tuition and laboratory fees.
  3. Scholarships for over second-year undergraduate students and graduate students to cover 50% of the tuition and laboratory fees.
    Selection of scholarship grantees will be made on the basis of the result of entrance examination given by Chuo University as well as student's financial situation. Please note that Chuo University scholarships cannot cover all expenses for study in Japan. Chuo University scholarships will be available only after admission to Chuo University. You will be given detailed information about the scholarships (e.g. application procedures, deadline) at the international student orientation after admission. 

Off-campus Scholarships

Various off-campus scholarships (i.e. scholarships of public/private scholarship foundations) will be available after enrollment in Chuo University, however, most of them are very competitive.