17th Central Library Exhibition: Collection of Former Possessions of Tokugon Mihashi


Date & Time: Mar. 28th (Wed.) to May 26th (Sat.); during opening hours of the Central Library
Location: Tama Campus, Central Library, 2F Exhibition Space
Venue: Central Library, 2F Exhibition Space
Period: Apr. 2nd (Mon.) to May 26th (Sat.)
(This exhibition is open to everyone. Please stop by at library reception to view the exhibition.)

Although Mr. Tokugon Mihashi (1876 to 1950; hereinafter referred to as Mr. Mihashi) was never employed at a university during his lifetime, he was a leading unaffiliated researcher who created the foundation for research on military epics of medieval Japan, such as The Tale of the Heike.
While conducting his research, Mr. Mihashi was also a booklover who carefully collected an extremely wide range of related literature over a period of many years. Afterwards, his great-grandchild entered Chuo University in 1999 and his descendants donated the entirety of Mr. Mihashi’s vast collection (688 works; 3772 books) to the university. However, there was no one appropriately qualified to introduce the collection and the books remained in the library’s storeroom for many years.

Recently, an introduction to the collection given by Associate Professor Tomomi Yoshino was printed in the 19th issue of My CUL, a newsletter of the Central Library. In conjunction with the publication of the newsletter, a portion of the collection will be exhibited for viewing.
In addition to military epics, visitors to the exhibition can also view a small sample of Mr. Mihashi’s vast collection which includes Eboshiko and other works revealing details of the customs and etiquette of samurai and court nobles, drawings of famous places such as Edo Yuran Hanagoyomi and Itsukushima Zue, a book of Japanese poems entitled Nagisa-no-Tama, an instructional book on flowering arrangement entitled Rikka Shodo-Shu, and Umi-no-Sachi, an illustrated color reference book of fish and shellfish.