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Reuse Market (Dec '15 - Mar '16)

Faculty of Economics Associate Professor So Sasaki's FLP Environmental studies research team is accepting furniture and appliances donations for the next first year students. 
For those who are thinking of moving, or if there are any unused and stable furniture, home appliances, and clothing that you wish to donate, the research team at Sasaki Lab will collect them for the reuse market.
Collecting schedule is planned for February and/or March, 2016. We will pick up anywhere in Hachioji, Hino, and the Tama areas.
Items we will pick up include clothing, books, small home appliances (excludes cooking and heating equipment), shelves, desks, furniture boxes, stand-up mirrors, chairs, and more.
There will also be a reuse market for items that can be brought to campus directly (mostly for light items).
Date: December to January 21, lunch time on Mondays and Thursdays
Place: Chuo University Tama Campus Building No.6 and 7 under the pedestrian deck
We also welcome volunteers who can help organize, collect, and support the reuse market!
Check the lab homepage if you are interested.

Contact by email: