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The 8th International Week (November 28-December 3)

Chuo University is happy to present the 8th International Week this year with a focus on Mexico.

Beginning in 2011, International Week offers various events focusing on a certain country, region, or international organization every year, with the aim of promoting the internationalization of Chuo and motivating the students’ intellectual curiosity.

The events include speech by the Mexican Ambassador to Japan, live performance of mariachi (traditional Mexican music) and lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) matches. There are many other events free of charge open for all audience including non-students.
We look forward to seeing many people enjoying International Week!

This year’s theme:

Monday, November 28 - Saturday, December 3

Tama Campus, Korakuen Campus

Detail of schedule can be seen here (Japanese site), which is being updated for new and additional events.