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  • The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    Hiroshi Yamamura
    Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Science and Engineering for Sustainable Society, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
    Areas of Specialization: Environmental Technologies and Materials, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems


2018 Entrance Ceremonies (Arts & Social Sciences) (April 03)

Chuo’s Entrance ceremonies will be held on Tuesday, April 03, 2018, on the Tama Campus.

Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2018
Venue: Tama Campus, Gymnasium No.1, 3rd Floor, arena

Morning Ceremony: 11:00 am to 11:40 am
Participating Faculties and Graduate Schools: Faculty of Law; Faculty of Letters; Graduate School of Law; Graduate School of Economics; Graduate School of Commerce; Graduate School of Letters; Graduate School of Policy Studies

Afternoon Ceremony: 14:00 pm to 14:40 pm
Participating Faculties: Faculty of Economics; Faculty of Commerce; Faculty of Policy Studies

Schedule of Events:
・New students should arrive by 10:30 am/ 13:30 pm
・10:50 am/ 13:50 pm –Anniversary Music begins
・11:00 am/ 14:00 pm – Entrance Ceremony begins
・Convocation Address: Chancellor and President
・Convocation Address: Chairperson of the Board of Regents
・Speech: New Students Representative
・Welcome Speech: Current Students Representative
・University Song
・11:40 am/ 14:40 pm – Entrance Ceremony concludes

* There is no on-campus parking available on the day of the ceremony. We highly recommend that you use public transportation.
* Large crowds are expected, so please follow the directions of the event staff. So that more guests can be seated, please move to middle of each row and fill all seats. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
* A live webcast will be available.

For guests who are deaf or hard of hearing, volunteer student notetaking services are available. To request a note-taker, please contact the faculty you will enroll in by Friday, March 23, 2018. Your request at your earliest convenience would be appreciated.

Please note that bike and motorcycle parking is not available at the entrance of the Gymnasium No.1 on the day of the ceremony.