Ability to imagine others

Ability to imagine others Kayoko Koyasu
Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University
Areas of specialization: Contemporary Chinese Literature, Folklore


Wearing two hats

Wearing two hats Takafumi Yanase
Three-time runner in the Hakone Ekiden
Member of the 68th class of legal apprentices


Dialog-based approach

Dialog-based approach Tsuneo Osawa
Lawyer, Professor at Toin Law School and Visiting Professor at Chuo Law School
Areas of Specialization: Theories and Practices of Legal Dialog, ADR and Compliance


Shinjiro Yamane's aspirations

Shinjiro Yamane's aspirations Ryoichi Matsuno
Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: Media Theory and Journalism Theory


Mitigate global warming

Mitigate global warming Hiroyuki Hatano
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
Areas of specification: Reaction Engineering and Process Systems, Fluidization, and Desiccant Air Conditioning

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