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Chuo Harassment Awareness x Diversity Week 2018: from Saturday, November 10th to Friday, November 16th


Chuo University Diversity Promotion Working Group

University as a Place Where Diverse People Meet

A university campus is a place where diverse people meet, with learning as a shared purpose. When each of us—all unique in some way—meets and interacts with one another, joy and happiness, food for thought and action for life, and the seeds of new knowledge and wisdom often arise. However, at the same time, misunderstandings and prejudices toward people who are different could create conflicts, injustice, and discrimination, sometimes making the campus an unsafe place for some of us.

Chuo University, based on the Chuo University Declaration in Support of Diversity announced in October 2017, formed the Chuo University Diversity Promotion Working Group (hereinafter, the Diversity WG) in April 2018, in order to initiate institution-wide activities to promote and support diversity on campus.

This November, as an opportunity for all members of our university to engage in diversity promotion, Chuo Harassment Awareness x Diversity Week 2018 will be held in cooperation with the Harassment Prevention Committee, for one week from the November 10 (Sat)–16 (Fri).

The Three Pillars of Diversity Support and Promotion

In the Chuo University Declaration in Support of Diversity, a wide range of attributions are listed as constituents of diversity. The Diversity WG, after looking at other universities’ activities to promote diversity and inclusion, decided to focus on three areas: international and global aspects including nationalities and languages; illnesses and disabilities; and gender and sexuality.

Chuo University has been striving to share knowledge and expertise in these areas of study—through academic research, lectures and seminars, various extracurricular activities and initiatives undertaken in cooperation with outside institutions and organizations. The creation of the Chuo University Harassment Prevention Guideline and the annual holding of the Harassment Prevention Campaign are crucial for maintaining an environment that values diversity on campus. To promote gender equality, we have endorsed and cooperated with the UN Women HeForShe campaign, a part of the UN Academic Impact initiative, and held seminars and other events for WISE Chuo (Women In Science and Engineering, Chuo University), a career education program for female students studying science and technology where various female researchers and engineers meet and discover their own role models.

Chuo Harassment Awareness x Diversity Week 2018 aims to share the values accumulated through these various activities both inside and outside the university. We will hold the following events in the Tama Campus and the Korakuen Campus as an opportunity for every one of us to think about how to proceed with diversity promotion for a better future. We hope to see as many of you as possible at these events.

A Week to Think about Supporting and Promoting Diversity

Various events and activities will take place during the week, including an academic lecture by a guest speaker, a film screening, a workshop, a career guidance seminar, along with information of diversity-related courses, a book exhibition at the library, stage performances by student groups, and special menus in the cafeterias. A few highlights are below.

• On Saturday, November 10, the week will start with a lecture as part of the Chuo University x LLAN Lecture Series at the Korakuen Campus titled LGBT and Marriage: Is Japan Heading for Marriage Equality? (3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Building 5, Room 5223/general admissions allowed). Lawyers and researchers active in the front lines of the issue join together to compare and analyze the current state of marriage equality around the world and in Japan.

• On Monday, November 12, a screening of the film Kalanchoe no Hana will be held at the Tama Campus (4:40 p.m. to 6:10 p.m., Building 3, Room 3353). The LGBT themed film, set in a high school, explores sensitive issues in a very nuanced way, and has won several awards.
 * Only faculty members and enrolled students of Chuo University can participate.

• On Tuesday, November 13, an interactive workshop by Yuki Higashi titled Let's Learn about Diversity and Inclusion! will be held at the Tama Campus (3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Building 1, Room 1410). Ms. Higashi, who works at Accenture, will give a short talk and facilitate a workshop, where participants learn and discuss the concept of diversity and inclusion, and will think together about the support and promotion of diversity at Chuo University.

• On Thursday, November 15, the Career Guidance Seminar for Students with Disabilities and the Self-Defense Workshop for Female Students will be held. Everyone who feels the need of these opportunities is welcome.

• On Friday, November 16, the final day, a special lecture by Hideki Sunagawa will be held. Dr. Sunagawa, a cultural anthropologist and well-known gay rights activist, talks about his recent book titled Coming Out.

• Other than the events listed above, throughout the week, there will be vegetarian dishes served at the co-op cafeterias, various books on the topics of diversity exhibited at the library and the bookshop, and students groups will showcase performances. Participants will be able to experience various forms of diversity, and will have the chance to delve deep into these issues during this week. We hope to see many of you there.
See this page for more details on the activities by the Diversity Promotion Working Group.