Chemical pollutants around us

Chemical pollutants around us Kahoko Nishikawa
Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: Microbial ecosystems and aquatic environments


Guide for Active Learning

Guide for Active Learning Takuo Tanaka
Professor Emeritus, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: International Economics, Development Economics, and International Management Theory


Art of rhythmic gymnastics

Art of rhythmic gymnastics Ikuko Uratani
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
Area of Specialization: Sports philosophy


Bio-inspired robot for space

Bio-inspired robot for space Taro Nakamura
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
Areas of Specialization: Robotics and Mechatronics, Mechanical Systems, Intelligent Mechanics


Being a corporate lawyer

Being a corporate lawyer Kumiko Togashi
Attorney at Law, General Affairs Division, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
Graduate of Chuo Law School, 2006

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