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Crescent Hall

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Crescent Hall is used both for lectures and as a venue for briefings, concerts, plays, lectures, and symposia. It seats 2,200 in a semicircular, multipurpose hall ...

Language and Multimedia Laboratories

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Language Laboratories, Audiovisual Laboratories, and Multimedia Laboratories are available on the first floor of Building No. 2 on the Tama Campus ...

Athletic Facilities

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Chuo University ranks among the top universities in Japan in terms of its athletic facilities. The facilities are used not only for lessons and extracurricular activities ...

C Square

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In April 2003, a new center for extracurricular activities opened with the completion of the Campus Life Facilities Building, "C Square." ...


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The Tama Student Research Building "Honoo-no-Tou" opened in July 2002. Chuo University, which will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding in 2010 ...

Welfare and Extracurricular Facilities

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The University has three lodges for use in extra-curricular student activities: the Nojiri Lakeside Seminar House (Shinano-machi, Kami-Minochi-gun, Nagano) and the Tomiura Seaside House (Tomiura-machi, Awa-gun, Chiba) ...

Surugadai Centennial Hall

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Surugadai Centennial Hall was built in commemoration of the centenary celebrations of Chuo University in 1988, on the site of the former Chuo University Hall in Kanda-Surugadai ...

Middle Bridge (Ichigaya Tamachi Campus)

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In April 2010, Chuo University will open Ichigaya Tamachi Campus Middle Bridge in Ichigaya Tamachi in Shinjuku Ward ...