Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Curriculum and study plans

How to study global water environment course

More serious water environmental problems have recently been occurring, and developing human resources to attend to the problems has been urgently required. No systematic and comprehensive educational and learning environment has, however, yet been developed to meet the requirement. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Chuo University established "global water environment science and engineering" as a minor in the academic year of 2011 to meet the needs of students, instructors and society.
The curriculum was designed to enable students to systematically acquire the knowledge and skills concerning global water environment science and engineering.
In academic year 2013, the curriculum will be further reinforced to develop the minor into the "global water environment course" which consists of the "civil and environmental engineering" major.

For studying the curriculum, students are required to be admitted in the civil and environmental engineering major in the first semester of doctoral course of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering is required. Upon entry, registration global water environment course is required.