Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Credits and subjects for academic year of 2013

Subject Category Subjects Credits Experts' categories
Flood Control Water Use Water Treatment Water Environment
Civil engineering course Structural Maintenance 2        
Safety and reliability of structures 2        
Material science 2        
Nonlinear Solid Mechanics 2Cancelled        
Continuum mechanics 2        
Computational solid mechanics 2        
Highway pavement engineering 2        
Environment management course Discrete choice models 2        
Traffic control 2Cancelled        
Analysis of  Urban Transport  and Environment 2        
Environment Evaluation 2Cancelled        
Spatial econometrics 2        
Transport Systems 2        
Facilitation 2        
Global water environment course Research on GWEE AⅠ・Ⅱ 4    
Research on GWEE BⅠ・Ⅱ 4    
General Review on GWEE AⅠ 2    
General Review on GWEE AⅡ 2    
General Review on GWEE BⅠ 2    
General Review on GWEE BⅡ 2    
Internship 2
Information Processing and Remote Sensing for GWEE 2
Atmospheric Science for GWEE 2
Ecological Science for GWEE 2
Subjects common to three courses Flood Hydraulics and Channel Design 2    
Urban Hydrology 2    
Engineering Management of River Basin 2  
Hydrology and Water Circulation for GWEE 2
Sanitary and Water Treatment for GWEE 2    
Coastal Hydraulics      
Topics in coastal engineering 2        
Disaster Prevention for GWEE 2 Cancelled      
Computational Mechanics 2
Computational Fluid Mechanics 2
Performance-based Design 2        
Reliability Evaluation and Design 2        
Geoenvironmental Assessment 2        
Soil Dynamics 1 2        
Soil Dynamics 2 2        
Failure and stability of Earth Structure 2      
Transportation Facility Engineering 2        
Policy Evaluation methods 2
Special Lecture on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅰ 2 Cancelled        
Special Lecture on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅱ 2 Cancelled        
Exercise on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅰ 2    
Exercise on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅱ 2 Cancelled        
Master's Research Master's Research  on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅰ 6
Master's Research  on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅱ 6
Management Subjects Political Theory 4        
Public Economics Ⅰ 2        
Public Economics Ⅱ 2        
Environmental Pollution Control 2        
Urban Environment 2    
Land Preservation 2    
Policy Analysis 2
Related Subjects Ecological Engineering 2        
Earth Environmental System 2        
Introduction  to the Marine Environmental Science 2        
Environmental Biotechnology 2        
An introduction to the modeling of global environment 2        
●+◎ 38 38 38 38
12 8 8 12
Note 1: Legend for the model of courses taken by the students participating in the program for capacity building in global water environmental engineering ●: compulsory subject,◎: highly recommended subject,○: recommended subject Note 2: The system for taking courses and the subjects listed are only for information and are subject to change because adjustments are now being made. At the time of registration, please refer to the guidelines for taking courses for the specific academic year.