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Global Water-Environmental Engineering





Urban Engineering is the wisdom used to present a prescription to alleviate conflicts of interests between humans and nature or among humans, by changing human locations and constructive activities and numerous economic and social activities carried out by managing the physical urban space directly and indirectly via infrastructure improvement and system design. Therefore, it is necessary to have the capability to analyze what is happening and how it happens, to view the citizen in an understandable way and to think about the prescription together with the citizen and to compose it. Let us contemplate human behavior, while applying Mathematics and Information Technology.

Year of birth


Degree (University)

Doctor of Engineering (The University of Tokyo)


Urban Engineering

Subjects managed

Policy Evaluation Methods, Spatial Econometrics, Research on Urban Engineering

Publications, research papers and patents

  • Co-author, Car-Related Tax System in the Geoenvironmental Century, Keiso Shobo
  • Co-author, Urban Planning Theory, Gakugei Shuppansha
  • Impact Analysis of District Population Density on Household Car Ownership, APSA, 11.2011.Tokyo
  • “Change in Income and Price Elasticity of Gasoline Demand in Japanese Cities” Journal of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 6, 3250-3263, 2005.
  • Co-author, Infrastructure in Tokyo, GIHODO SHUPPAN Co., Ltd

Academic conferences and activities outside the university

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The City Planning Institute of Japan, Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences, Association of Urban Housing Sciences


Sustainable City, Space Information, Society-Related Capital

Research topics as advisor (Title of master’s thesis and dissertation)

•Creation of Land Use and Transport Models for Evaluating Environmental Load-Reducing Measures
•Activity Scheduling Model Taking into Consideration Interactions between Household Members
•Land Value Estimation, Considering Spatial Autocorrelation and Heterogeneity of Variance

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