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On average, 3% of the land area in Japan is covered by roads, and in urban areas, the percentage exceeds 20%. In order to maintain these assets, a whopping several trillion yen is spent every year. In terms of roads and particularly pavement, we, the Road Laboratory, deliberate about what kind of materials should be used, what are the desirable ways to design, construct and make repairs, and therefore what kind of roads are strong, comfortable and safe, reflecting also concern for the environment.

Year of birth


Degree (University)

Doctor of Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Road Engineering, Pavement Engineering

Subjects managed

Highway Pavement Engineering, Transportation Facility Engineering, Research on Road Engineering

Publications, research papers and patents

Co-author, Road Engineering, Rikoh Tosho, June 2005.

  • Evaluation of Driving Comfort and Steering Stability Using Two-Dimensional Profile of Pavement Surface, Third International Symposium on IEDC 2010, pp.105-113, July 2010
  • Stiffness Changes in Asphalt Mixtures Based on Repeated Uniaxial Compression and Tensile Loading Tests, Journal of the Japan Society of Civil Engineering Ser. E1 Pavement Engineering, Vol.15, pp.15-22, December 2010
  • Assessment of Driving Comfort on Pavement Surfaces by Electroencephalogram, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineering Ser. E1 Pavement Engineering, Vol.15, pp.49-56, December 2010
  • Vehicle Driving Simulation using 2D Profile of Pavement Surface, Journal of the Japan Society of Civil Engineering Ser. E1 Pavement Engineering, Vol.15, pp.57-64, December 2010

Academic conferences and activities outside the university

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Japanese Geotechnical Society, The Japan Petroleum Institute, Information Processing Society of Japan, Japan Information-Culturology Society, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, International Society for Asphalt Pavement


Pavement, Road, Material, Environment, Structure Evaluation, Road Surface Evaluation, Flatness, Slip, Noise, Comfort

Research topics as advisor (Title of master’s thesis and dissertation)

Doctoral thesis
  • Research on Response Analysis of Asphalt Pavement and Performance Forecast, 2006
  • Modification of Asphalt Mixtures by Recycled Tire Crumbed Rubber to Achieve their Higher Performance, 2006
  • Study on Evaluation of Pavement Structure by Portable FWD Test and Surface Wave Test, 2006
  • Research on Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Mixtures, Focusing on the Difference in Loading Conditions, 2009

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