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Global Water-Environmental Engineering





Because of recent significant advances in the hardware and software of computers, “Computational Mechanics”, which tries to understand and clarify dynamic events through numerical simulation, is attracting attention as a powerful tool, together with “Theoretical Mechanics” and “Experimental Mechanics”. In order to take the true meaning of computational mechanics into practice, we, in our laboratory, study the vision and techniques of computational mechanics, and intend to promote computer-aided engineering in civil engineering and to cultivate new developments in computational mechanics.

Year of birth


Degree (University)

Doctor of Engineering (Chuo University)


Computational mechanics, civil computational science in civil engineering

Subjects managed

Computational Mechanics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Research on Computational Mechanics, Topics on Environmental and Life Engineering

Publications, research papers and patents

  • Co-author, Computational Mechanics-Basics for Finite Element Method-, Morikita Publishing Co., Ltd.,2012
  • Co-author, Flow Simulation by Finite Element Method 2, Maruzen Bookstores Co., Ltd.2012
  • Development of an interactive visualization system using VR technology for flow simulation, Proc. of JSCE, A2 (Applied Mechanics), Vol.68.No.2, pp. I_261- I_268,2012
  • Space-time SUPG finite element computation of shallow-water flows with moving shorelines, Computational Mechanics, Vol48,pp.293-306,2011
  • Space-time SUPG formulation of the shallow-water equations, International. Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol.64, pp1379-1394, 2010
  • Eulerian finite cover method for solid dynamics, International. Journal of Computational Methods, Vol7, pp.33-54,201

Academic conferences and activities outside the university

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, The Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources, The Visualization Society of Japan


imulation for Disaster Prevention and Environment, Free and Moving Boundary Problems, Multiscale Analysis, Virtual Reality

Research topics as advisor (Title of master’s thesis and dissertation)

  • Development of Space-Time Finite Element Method for Shallow Water Flow Analysis with Moving Boundaries
  • Development of the Interaction Analysis Method between Solids and Fluids Based on the Euler Finite Cover Method
  • Development of the Pre- and Post- Processing Method using VR Technology for Simulation for Disaster Prevention and Environment

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