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Naotsugu SATO


Although I lecture on Design Engineering, I deal with topics, including performance (safety and usability, etc.) of structural objects which should be realized by design and reliability as a means of assessing performance, instead of talking about accumulation of knowhow. The time when people thought that the goal of technicians was solely to "create" structural objects is passing, and we are starting to think that the purpose is to contribute to society by structure with design and construction as the means. In that context, it is important to be aware of accountability to the citizen.

Year of birth


Degree (University)

Doctor of Engineering (The University of Tokyo)


Safety of Structural Objects, Reliability

Subjects managed

Performance-based Design, Reliability Evaluation and Design, Safety and reliability of structure, Research on Civil Design engineering

Publications, research papers and patents

  • Disaster Prevention Activities and System Design as a Trilateral Game by the Public, Private sector and Nature, Journal of JCOSSAR, 2003.
  • Basics of Design in Civil Engineering and Construction and the future basis of collaboration, Journal of JCOSSAR, 2003.
  • Co-author, Stochastic Decision Making in the Construction Industry, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 1998.
  • Co-author, Design Guide for Steel Structures (second edition), Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 1997.
  • A Proposal for Securing Structural Safety in Design Codes Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Structural Engineering. A 1997.

Academic conferences and activities outside the university

Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japanese Society of Steel Construction, Reliability Engineering Association of Japan, The Society for Risk Analysis Japan, Institute of Social Safety Science


Structural Design Standards, Performance-based Design, Safety, Reliability, Optimum Design, Load Theory, Simulation, International Standards, Lifecycle Cost, Risk Management, Accountability, Risk Communications, Game Theory, Disaster Prevention Organizational Theory, Lifeline Network

Research topics as advisor (Title of master’s thesis and dissertation)

  • Comparison Method of Alternative Plans for Designing Breakwaters by LCC including Risks
  • Reliability of Facilities and Time Risk by Rail Users at the Time of Disasters
  • Parameter Sensitivity Analysis in Problems of Concrete Diffusing Chloride Ion

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