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Global Water-Environmental Engineering





Kagawa Prefecture, my hometown, has been suffering from severe water shortage every year. The Sameura Dam, a water source in Shikoku was completed dried up 15 years ago and water trucks were deployed to supply water to local residents. In order to solve the water shortage for my hometown, I studied water treatment in Hokkaido University. I worked for Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation until last year and developed polymeric membranes. The membrane has quite small holes which are approximately one 100th of hairs. With further urbanization in various countries in the world, supplies of resources are expected to be more strained. I believe that it is my role to consider the future of recycling society with the students and develop technologies required in such a society. I am looking forward to working with you.

Year of birth


Degree (University)

Doctor of engineering (Hokkaido University)


Environmental engineering, sanitary engineering, separation engineering, phase separation and polymer chemistry

Subjects managed

Research on GWEE BI and Ⅱ, General Review on GWEE BI and Ⅱ, Urban Hydrology, Exercise on Civil and Environmental Engineering Ⅰ,Topics on Environmental and Life Engineering

Publications, research papers and patents

  • Affinity of functional groups for membrane surfaces: implications for physically irreversible fouling, Environmental Science and Technology, 2008
  • Transition in fouling mechanism in microfiltration of a surface water, Water Research, 2007
  • Mechanism involved in the evolution of physically irreversible fouling in microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes used for drinking water treatment, Environmental Science and Technology, 2007

Academic conferences and activities outside the university

International Water Association (IWA), Japan Society on Water Environment, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan(SCEJ)


Membrane separation, fouling, natural organic matter (NOM), and nanotechnology

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