Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering




Requirements for Course Completion and Acquiring Credits

What is the value in acquiring a certificate of completion for the Global Water Environment course(the Global Water Science and Engineering minor )?
Chuo University has designed this special curriculum and those who complete it will receive a certificate. The certificate of completion communicates that the student has studied, in a systematic manner, the subjects designed by the Chuo University Graduate School while also conveying the academic results of specific areas that cannot be expressed simply through a master's degree. The certificate can be mentioned in resumes as a document that certifies the systematic learning of Global Water Environment Science and Engineering.
Water Environment Science and Engineering covers a wide area; does the curriculum cover all areas of expertise?
The Global Water Environment course is provided under Program for Capacity Building in Global Water-Environmental Engineering, Chuo University. This program is connected to a network of academic and research institutions including corporations of various fields, local governments, and partner universities that will provide support going forward.

Courses and Requirements

What is the basic language used in the Global Water Environment course?
The basic language is Japanese. Students of the course will participate in internships in the Japanese private companies. In addition, the idea that education in Japan's excellent technology (including traditional technology) will thus lead to brighter possibilities once inside society, results in stronger emphasis on Japanese-taught classes, particularly in areas of high expertise. Some subjects are conducted in English. A rough target of the ideal Japanese level when enrolling in the Master's Program would be Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Is it possible to complete final examinations and reports in languages other than Japanese?
The basic language for all items is Japanese. However, the master's thesis can be written in English. For the subjects other than the master's thesis please follow your professor's instruction.

Internship and job search

I want to enter a specific company. Is it possible to do my internship in the company?
There may be cases where the company offers an internship program that the student wants to join. Please, however, remember that the “internship” subject is not designed to provide direct support to students in their job search in specific companies. The "internship" subject is conducted in summer with the cooperation of domestic private companies. In view of the characteristics of the field related to the water environment, it is intended that students can learn engineering response and administrative approach related to cost benefit and consensus building in a balanced manner. The Program administrator assumes responsibility for arranging internship and requests the organizations that are ready to cooperate in achieving the objectives to implement internship programs.
Are there any cases in which a student who has completed the “the Global Water Science and Engineering minor (the Global Water Environment course)” was employed by a company where the student did internship?
Yes,there are 7 cases

Career path for the students who completed the course

Would you please explain about the employment or advancement to higher educational facilities of the first and second students who completed the “global water environmental engineering sub-major” (global water environment course) in March 2014?
All of the first and second students (including four from abroad) who completed the global water environmental engineering minor joined a company or entered a facility of higher education.
Please let me know the specific companies or educational facilities that they entered after the completion of the minor (course) in March 2014.
Organizations they jointed: Central government offices, the metropolitan government office, municipal offices, university and private companies (general water treatment engineering companies,water environment related consulting companies, general contractors, and plant design company)
Educational facilities they entered: Second semester of doctor’s course, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University.