Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Academic year of 2010

Location of Presentation:Japan

  • Analysis of bed variations at the mouth of the Ishikari River during flooding based on the changes in longitudinal water surface profile of flood flow using a semi-three-dimensional flow analysis method.
  • Experimental study on swash waves and sediment transport rate using composite long- and short-period waves
  • Calculation of energy loss in sediment discharge tests in a model channel - 2 Comparison with back analysis results for the 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake
  • Bed variations in the Ohtagawa floodway during flooding
  • Sand flow from a tidal area in the Chikugo River with an alternate-layer bed to the Ariake Sea
  • A consideration on the decision-making for regulating train services during heavy rainfall
  • Verification of echo sounding for tsunami warning systems using multi-purpose marine observation buoys
  • Waves along the shoreline and the process of erosion during large-scale berm erosion
  • Flood flow propagation mechanism in mountainous narrow sections of the Eno River
  • A study on the deformation of bars and grading formation by flood flow
  • Effect of the ratio of the size of a group of trees to the river channel size on the coefficient of permeability of groups of trees Effects of sand discharge on bed variation, bed materials and vegetation changes in the Kurobe River
  • Calculation of energy loss in sediment discharge tests in a model channel - 2 Effects of various parameters on energy loss
  • Effects of the plan type of river channel on the flow, longitudinal and perpendicular types and bed material distributions in a rubble channel of compound cross section
  • Analysis of shallow water long-wave flow by DG/CG finite element method
  • Performance evaluation of seawater desalination equipment, a hybrid variation of a film-based distillation device

Location of presentation: Italy

  • Estimation of River Current Using Reduced Kalman Filter Finite Element Method

Location of presentation: India

  • Bed Form and Bed Variation durng Floods of the Tone River Mouth
  • Evaluating Flood Discharge and Bed Variation in the Ota River Floodway
  • Propagation and Deformation of Flood Flow Hydrographs in River with A Series of Small Hydro-Power dams

Location of presentation: Indonesia

  • A Time-Series Visual Simulation System of Flood-Hazaed on DEM

Location of presentation: China

  • Determination of Rare Earth Elements(REEs) in Airborne Particulate Matter(APM) and Rain Water Collected in Tokyo, Japan

Location of presentation: Vietnam

  • Study for practical SAR interpretation flood waters using methods and data interpretation
  • A study on Spatial Distribution of Water Quality Before and After Dredging in Tidal Area of Urban Rivers
  • Study on frequency of occurrence and periodicity of extreme value rainfall used statistics
  • A New Design Method of with Retaining Wall Based on the Concept of Return Period of Snowmelt and Rainfall
  • Fundamental Research on Open Channel Flow with a Narrow Path
  • A study of Effects of River Channel Network to Runoff by a Newly-Derived Physical Model
  • Study of Thermal Environment Mitigation Effect in the Vicinity of River in Urban Area
  • Numerical Simulation of Storm Surge-Wave-Flood Coupling Disaster Generated by T7010 Using the General Coordinate System

Location of presentation: USA

  • Hydralic Experiments on River Bed Formation in Rivermouth
  • The Effects of Runoff Suppressant and Heat Environment Mitigation by Rainfall Harvesting on the Top of the Building
  • A study on Quantitative Evaluation of Mitigation Effects of Thermal Environment in the Vicinity of Rivers in Urban Area
  • A New Technique of Discharge Release From Dam Reservoir for Flood Control
  • Numerical Analysis of Flow Resistance Due to Horizontal Vortices in Compound Open Channel