Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Academic year of 2011

Location of Presentation:Japan

  • Study on the flood flow and bed variations in a channel network in the delta of the Ohta River
  • Theoretical derivation of a composite rational formula
  • New discharge calculation system using a water level-conveyance curve (HK curve)
  • Mechanism of gravel particle transport by flow and modeling of the mechanism
  • Topographical changes near the shoreline during high waves
  • Role of natural embankments in the alluvial fan of the Ara River
  • Evaluation of the effects of flood water storage in channels on the propagation of hydrograph
  • Study on the flood regulation using the Watarase water retarding area - a case study concerning the flood of September 2007 Analysis of causes of bed degradation at a narrow of the Tone River at Fukawa
  • Analysis of bed variations at the mouth of the Ishikari River during the flood of 1981 using a bed load discharge formula considering the width and cross section of the channel
  • Consideration of channel width and water depth of small to medium nature-oriented rivers
  • Analysis of river confluence by a general-coordinate-system bottom flow solution
  • Shallow-water long-wave flow analysis by the DG method
  • Characteristics of large horizontal vortices in the initial stages of generation and of their resistance after their development in compound cross section open channels
  • Speciation Analysis of Rare Earth Elements(REEs) in Fresh Water of Kanda River and Sea Water of Tokyo Bay.