Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Research Resources Korakuen Campus

Science and Engineering Laboratory(ICT Education System)

The research and educational system, newly introduced in 2009, features IBM Blade Center (R)HC10 blade server workstations as terminals for use in practical and specialized classes, as well as specialized 236 units of the IBM CP20 Workstation Connection Device connected through the laboratory’s internal network, a major installation of these specialized terminals unprecedented among corporations and universities worldwide.
These terminals are of a compact size, comparable to an A5 sheet of paper, allowing efficient use of desk space and related academic benefits. They employ independently developed hardware technology, achieving faster graphic rendering speeds and more reliable security, helping to form a library environment capable of handing highly sophisticated science and engineering classes.

Distance Learning

A networking connecting the Tama, Ichigayatamachi, and Korakuen campuses is also available so that the students can take interactive courses over television monitors. Audio and video are transmitted in real time between classrooms on each of the three campuses, thus, it is convenient for the students attend the same class in any of the three campuses. For instance, a course conducted by a faculty member on the Tama Campus can be attended by students on either of the other campuses, helping reduce commute time for students in the city.

Chuo University Library Network

Overseas Student Meeting Room

The 2nd floor of Building 1 on the Korakuen Campus has an overseas student meeting room. It is a place that fellow overseas students, faculty members, and Japanese students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Graduate School of Science and Engineering can spend time mixing and exchanging information.