Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Characteristics of the Program

In the Program for Capacity Building in Global Water-Environmental Engineering, a course concerning the "global water environment" is implemented in the civil and environmental engineering major in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. The students who want to study the global water environment shall major in civil and environmental engineering in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and simultaneously undertake a course of global water environment through registration. The students shall study subjects in the "global water environment course" and also the designated subjects in the curriculum in the civil and environmental engineering major.

In the "global water environment course", the curriculum is composed of lectures, drills, experiments and internship to enable the students to systematically obtain knowledge and skills required in water environment and water treatment. Unlike the curriculum that focuses on the study of theories, the curriculum for the course, aiming at the development of practical skills, includes classes by lecturers from industry and experiments in the industrial sector. Such classes are expected to ensure the provision of the quality that is required for human resources working in the industrial world.

We actively accept overseas students participating in the Program. Education will be conducted concerning not only subjects "Civil and Environmental Engineering"major in but also subjects in biology, environmental laws and environmental economy from a wide viewpoint of water environment with the support of the entire university. Practical education will be implemented concerning the latest water environmental technology developed in Japan using a network of corporations and research institutions formed by TEAM WATER JAPAN (, which is closely related to our university.

Upon completion of the "global water environment course", students are granted a Master's degree in engineering as well as a certificate for completion of the"global water environment course".