Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Practical curriculum through the industrial-governmental-academic partnerships

Cooperation of experts in related fields will be obtained for (1) conducting education on water environment and water treatment not only from civil and environmental engineering viewpoint but also from a more extensive viewpoint and (2) developing water environment and water treatment engineers who can make contributions both to the building of theoretical basis and to the technical development for corrective measures. When implementing the curriculum, industrial support will be received as described below.

(1) Lectures

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People from the business world will conduct lectures. Some lectures will be given in the omnibus form. Lectures are expected to effectively enable the students to learn about not only theoretical but also practicable measures.

(2) Drills

One of the features of the program is the implementation of drills using a “water/material circulation analysis software” platform (CommonMP) developed in Japan in multiple courses. Drills using CommonMP simulation software are highly needed in the fields of water environment, water treatment, water use and flood control. The software is expected to be enhanced further through development and update.

(3) Experiments

One of the principles of the program is to provide students with opportunities of field experience wherever possible because an increasing number of engineers now have little experience in the field. Students will be trained to verify whether practice agrees with theory or not, identify problems and plan solutions through practical experience.

(4) Long-term internship

In long-term internship, students will put learned knowledge into practice, extract problems and develop and execute corrective plans. Mastering project management methods through experience by participating in innovation in business activities and improving independence, flexibility and risk management ability are also included in the objectives of long-term internship.