Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Human resources that the Program intends to develop and the capacity required

Human Resources that the program intends to develop

The program aims at developing highly skilled professionals: water environment experts, water treatment experts, water use experts and flood control experts who are expected to work in the following sectors.

(1) Water environment experts

Water environment ecosystem engineering, river and lake water/material circulation engineering, nature-oriented river works and wetland regeneration

(2) Water treatment experts

Water treatment, water supply and sewerage systems, urban water metabolism, water environment engineering, water business and composting toilets

(3) Water use experts

Low water management, satellite remote sensing technology, hydrometeorology, integrated basin water resources management and agricultural and industrial water use management

(4) Flood control experts

Flood protection, low-lying area flood disaster management, CommonMP simulation and waterfront urban planning

The highly skilled professionals need to be equipped with expiates as described below; (1) communication skills, (2) ability to find and solve problems, (3) ability to obtain knowledge, (4) ability to take systematic action, (5) creativity, (6) self-fulfillment ability, (7) flexibility and (8) specialized skills.