Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering

In light of the 2nd Japan-China-Korea Summit held on October 2009, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), in 2010, established this program as a central activity of the “highly skilled professionals development projects through the exchange among universities of Japan, China, the Republic of Korea and other countries” (now “Campus Asia” base support projects)

Targeting graduate students including overseas students, universities and research institutions inside and outside Japan have developed in cooperation, a unique educational curriculum, in order to master the industrial environment and governmental climate in Japan and their advantages, as well as to nurture the water environment and water treatment technicians as highly specialized professionals with a global perspective who respect the history, culture and climate of each country. This program is provided together as the "Global Water Environment" course.

Through this program, Chuo University will strive to foster international experts capable of proposing and executing comprehensive and fundamental improvement plans regarding water environments in East Asia and around the world.