Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering




Scholarships in the form of tuition loans and/or stipends are given to students with superior and healthy academic and personal records who demonstrate future potential as academic researchers or advanced engineers. Scholarship decisions are rendered upon a comprehensive review of student qualifications in accordance with financial and academic achievement guidelines. Emphasis is placed on research potential in assessing academic records.

Chuo University has the following scholarship programs:

  1. Scholarship Loans (JASSO Scholarship, Chuo University Scholarship Loan, other private organization and/or local public organization scholarships)
  2. Scholarship Stipends (Chuo University Scholarship Stipend, Designated Examination Scholarship)
For details, please see the entrance examination guidelines and respective scholarship application guidelines. Also note that overseas student scholarships and tuition waivers are for students whose residency status is that of “college student” (ryugaku). Please check with the International Center at its website: