Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



The “Symposium on Global Water-Environmental Study in Beijing”


The “Symposium on Global Water-Environmental Engineering Study in Beijing” was held on March 29, 2011 at Tsinghua University, a consortium university in China. Approximately 60 people participated in the symposium, specifically those in Japanese corporations and public organizations involved in the Program and those concerned in Chinese affiliated universities and those from Chinese governmental agencies and universities interested in the Program.


Holding symposiums is one of the main activities in the Program. In the symposium, industrial, governmental and academic experts of Japan and China exchanged views from a professional viewpoint under the theme of future of technology and policies concerning flood control, water use and water environmental measures under climate change, and obtained better understanding of the expectations for and problems of capacity building in global water environmental engineering.


In the opening address, a representative of Tsinghua University that played the host expressed sympathy to the victims of the East Japan Great Earthquake, described that China was also faced with numerous water-related issues, and hoped that the symposium would provide an opportunity for learning from each other. In the keynote speech and subsequent presentations, Japanese and Chinese lecturers gave presentations about the current problems and solutions and provided information on the latest technologies.


Lectures and presentations were followed by active questions and answers sessions. The significance of and expectations for implementing a highly skilled professionals development program based on the advanced technology and practical experience of Japan were cited. Specific proposals were also made for future cooperation such as participation of and joint studies with non-consortium universities. Thus, the expectations for the advancement of the Program and the importance of approach to water environmental issues were reaffirmed.