Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



Sotobori restoration II —Study Team of Chuo University holds the key to the success of Sorobori restoration scheme

Two students participating in the Program for Capacity Building in Global Water-Environmental Engineering (hereinafter referred to as "the Program")  as representatives of a five-member student team (consisting of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese university students) commonly known as " Sotobori Study Team " in the Program made a presentation of their study on the cause and degree of seriousness of the water quality deterioration of Sotobori (the outer moat of the historic Edo castle) on May 30, 2014, at the symposium on the Sorobori restoration scheme held at the ARCADIA ICHIGAYA Shigaku Kaikan Hall by Japan Project-Industry Council and others.

Those students who study engineering or architecture at four universities located near Sotobori including Chuo University (i.e. Tokyo University of Science, Hosei University, Chuo University and Tokyo City University) are jointly working on various activities related to the Sotobori restoration scheme. The students of four universities met together this time and made presentations of the result of their one-year study.
The study activities conducted by the students mainly consist of two parts; “the water quality purification of Sotobori " (Chuo University is charged with the activity), and "the urban improvement of the Sotobori district" (Other three universities are charged with the activity).

At this symposium, reports were presented by the students of partner universities, such as on the History of Sotobori and a Related Legal System, a view and The Function Value of Sotobori, The Future Design of Sotobori, and a feasibility study and financing.
During the reports, representative students of partner universities noted that all their design and planning for Sotobori restoration had been developed on the assumption that “the water quality purification of Sotobori "would be successful. Sotobori Study Team of Chuo University held the key to the realization of their design, and they were expecting the team would play an active part in the study.

A five-member student team " Sotobori Study Team "is going to work on the detailed observation and a model experiment to examine concrete measures in the next stage.