Program for Capacity Building in
Global Water-Environmental Engineering



The 2nd Japan-China University Exhibition Fair and Forum


The 2nd Japan-China University Exhibition Fair and Forum were held in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City cultural hall on October 9 and 10, 2011 sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency Chinese Research Center, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Japan Student Services Organization.


 With the progress of globalization, need has been increasing for the exchange and greater cooperation between Japan and China, both of which are influential in world economy, and further cooperation between Japanese and Chinese universities in particular is expected to play a greater role in the future. Under the circumstances, the “Japan-China University Exhibition Fair and Forum” have been established to increase exchange by gathering Japanese and Chinese universities and to provide Japanese universities and businesses with an opportunity to pay attention to Chinese universities that have recently been making a remarkable progress and to consider the ways of cooperation for the future.


 Japanese and Chinese universities presented in their respective booths their activities concerning university-to-university exchange, research exchange, industrial and academic cooperation, human resources exchange and promotion of overseas studies. Fifty-three universities and seven research institutes from the Chinese side and 50 universities and four research institutes from the Japanese side participated in the exhibition. In the field of university-to-university exchange and research exchange in particular, the “Program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering”, a billboard project of Chuo University, was promoted as the main feature of the exhibition.


 The Chuo University booth accepted throughout the term of the exhibition people of consortium universities concerned, overseas undergraduate students seeking to take graduate courses, teachers and students of Japanese language schools, high school students and their parents planning to applying for the university, alumni of Chuo University and the members of other universities engaged in international exchange and research. Professor Tadashi Yamada of the Faculty of Science and Engineering who is responsible for Program implementation personally made explanations to Chinese students who showed a high interest in the Program at some points during the term of the exhibition. Numerous alumni of Chuo University uttered such words as “I would like to know the recent activities of my alma mater.” or “I visited the booth remembering my university days.” Some presented their business experience and results in China in relation to the Program. Thus, the exhibition also provided an opportunity for exchange between alumni and those presently in the university.


 Another major event in the exhibition was a convention for university promotion in which the activities and state of universities were publicized in the specified five-minute duration. Mr. Chaochao Qian from China who was taking courses in the second semester of doctoral course in Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University took the forum in the convention. He passionately outlined in Chinese the attractions of the Program from a viewpoint of a Chinese student. Japanese and Chinese researchers who heard his speech and found interest in the Program later visited the booth and requested materials. The address thus greatly helped promote the Program.


 Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Dalian University of Technology, consortium universities participating in the Program, also participated in the exhibition. Professor Yamada, responsible for Program implementation, and other staff visited respective boots of consortium universities and encouraged further exchange through the Program. Consortium universities also visited the booth of Chuo University. The exhibition has been a successful event through the introduction of the Program and the exchange among consortium universities.