Academic Exchange with NTU


From January 10 to 11, President Tadahiko Fukuhara, Dean of Law Yasuyo Nakajima, Dean of Graduate School of Law Naoki Nishiumi, Professor of Law Makoto Arai, among other members of Chuo University visited the National Taiwan University Law School located in Taipei.

On Friday, January 10th, a signing ceremony for the institutional exchange agreement and academic exchange were held between the National Taiwan University Law School and the Chuo Law faculty and Chuo Graduate School of Law.
The presentations given from both schools focused on initiatives around the themes “Globalization and Universities,” “Law Education,” “Aging Society and Civil Law,” and “Challenges of International Law.” 
After the presentations, discussions were held about specific topics on future academic researches and education.

The following day, the President and other Chuo members made a friendly visit to the National Taiwan University President Pan-Chyr Yang, for the signing ceremony.
Both parties agreed to further enhance a close relationship and interaction between the two universities.