Announcement of Hakone Runners


The Hakone Ekiden (an ekiden is a road relay race) is a New Year’s tradition in Japan. The coming race will be the 88th time that Chuo University has competed and our 85th consecutive entry. Chuo University has announced the 16 elite athletes who will run in the race.

[Athletes competing in the Hakone Ekiden]
Yuto Aiba (4th year, Faculty of Economics)
Shuhei Shirota (4th year, Faculty of Economics)
Hiroki Sugawa (4th year, Faculty of Economics)
Shota Shinjo (3rd year, Faculty of Law)
Kaname Tada (3rd year, Faculty of Economics)
Shumpei Watanabe (3rd year, Faculty of Commerce)
Masahiro Kotani (2nd year, Faculty of Economics)
Sho Tokunaga (2nd year, Faculty of Economics)
Hiroyuki Fujii (2nd year, Faculty of Economics)
Kazuki Miyake (2nd year, Faculty of Law)
Yoshiaki Atsumi (1st year, Faculty of Economics)
Kaito Arakaki (1st year, Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Takumi Ichida (1st year, Faculty of Law)
Shuhei Suzuki (1st year, Faculty of Law)
Takumi Tanimoto (1st year, Faculty of Economics)
Taiga Machizawa (1st year, Faculty of Law)

We have also completed the Hakone Ekiden Fan Pamphlet, an essential read for anyone cheering for Chuo runners. The pamphlet is available at the link listed below.

We ask that fans cheering from the roadside follow rules for cheering. For further details, please see the following link entitled Cheering Sites & Rules.
In addition to essential points for cheering, the link lists the sites for cheering groups and the site for cheering by persons affiliated with Chuo University.

Please support our athletes in this important race!


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Hakone Ekiden Support Website
Hakone Ekiden Fan Pamphlet
Cheering Sites & Rules