Ice Skating Champions- Universiade


The 2013 Kanto Collegiate Ice Hockey League Championships for Division 1, Group A were held at the Dydo Drinco Ice Arena on November 24th (Sun). Chuo University Ice Skating Club went on a scoring binge to soundly defeat Nihon University and place undisputed claim to the league championship.

Chuo University 11-0 Nihon University

Almost all of the league awards were presented to athletes from the Chuo University team.

Kanta Tsuji (4th year Faculty of Law)

[Best 6]
Goalkeeper: Takuto Onoda (3rd year Faculty of Law)
Defenders: Yuki Tojo (4th year Faculty of Law), Takeshi Ito (3rd year Faculty of Law)
Forwards: Tomoya Echigo (3rd year Faculty of Law), Shogo Nakajima (2nd year Faculty of Policy Studies), Shota Hachinohe (3rd year Faculty of Policy Studies)

[Top Point-Getter]
Shogo Nakajima

[Top Goal-Scorer]
Shogo Nakajima

[Top Assister]
Tomoya Echigo

Also, be sure to read a description of the championship game posted in the Chuo Sports Blog (Chuo University Newspaper).

We are also proud to announce that 5 athletes from the Chuo University Ice Skating Club were selected to compete in the 26th Winter Universiade which will be held in Trentino, Italy from December 11th.

[26th Winter Universiade]
Forward: Tomoya Echigo
Goalkeeper: Takuto Onoda
Defender: Kazuya Koizumi (2nd year Faculty of Law)
Forward: Maki Furuhashi (2nd year Faculty of Law)
Forward: Shogo Nakajima

Please continue to support our team as they compete in the 81st Japan Ice Hockey Championships held in Sapporo on November 29th and the 86th Japan Collegiate Ice Sports Championships held in Obihiro from January 6th!


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