UNCITRAL visits Chuo


On November 9 (Sat), UNCITRAL Secretary Renaud Sorieul visited Chuo University and was shown around Korakuen Campus by President Fukuhara, Vice-Presidents Kato and Sato, Business School Head Yamamoto and Professor Sugiura.

After discussing the situation of model law revisions involving electronic commerce at UNCITRAL with Vice-President Sato and Professor Sugiura, Secretary Sorieul, who also has a deep knowledge of technology in electronic commerce, visited the Kato Laboratory of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Chao Laboratory of the Department of Information and System Engineering, which are leading laboratories in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The Kato Laboratory introduced shops utilizing kansei engineering and IT as well as new B to C type business research in web shopping while the Chao Laboratory introduced research in information security, code and digital watermark. Sorieul posed many questions and opinions on them.

Secretary Sorieul expressed gratitude for this opportunity to visit Chuo University by saying, “I want to build a UNCITRAL activity base in Japan in the future, and I definitely want to ask for Chuo University’s cooperation. I would like to strengthen relations in the future by planning and implementing seminars with Chuo University.”

Secretary Sorieul also appraised our business school’s concept of being only for working adults and said, “Despite feeling the necessity for this type of graduate school in Europe, it hasn’t quite eventuated. Shouldering recurrent education of working adults is extremely unique.”