JASSO’s Student of the Year 2013


The following students will be honored in the fields of Social Contribution and Sports as part of the Student of the Year 2013 awards held by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

Grand Prize:Shinri Shioura (Swimming Team), 4th-year student in the Department of Law, Faculty of Law

[Social Contribution]
Grand Prize:Motoki Yasuhara, 3rd-year student in the Department of Policy Sciences, Faculty of Policy Studies
*Yasuhara is the first Chuo University student to be selected for the Grand Prize in the field of Social Contribution.

An awards ceremony will be held by JASSO on December 7th.

About the Student of the Year Award (JASSO)
The award is presented to students who have made outstanding achievements in the fields of academics, culture, art, sports and social contribution.
By recognizing such achievements, the award seeks to contribute to the cultivation of promising young professionals who will lead the 21st century.
Application for the award is conducted through universities. Chuo University accepts applications in July and August of every year.

We look forward to numerous applications from outstanding students!


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