Precision Engineering Awarded


The Soichiro Honda Cup 2013 Honda Eco Mileage Challenge National Competition was held on October 6th (Sunday), 2013.
From among a total of 410 teams, Seiken (Precision Engineering Research Club) was selected as the only team to win the Design Prize.


The Design Prize is one of the special prizes awarded to teams which show an outstanding record, ideas or creativity.
The Design Prize recognizes the team with an overall striking design in terms of novel form, beautiful coloring and uniqueness.

Seiken is affiliated with the Science and Engineering League of Chuo University Student Club Association.
Every year, the club participates in the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge and tournaments for robot sumo wrestling.

Please visit the following website for more information on the Honda challenge.

Honda Official Website:
2013 Honda Eco Mileage Challenge