Chuo at Japan-China Conference


The 8th Japan-China Presidents Conference was held at the University of Amoy (Xiamen University) in China from October 31 to November 2, where President Tadahiko Fukuhara and Dean of Faculty of Economics Yoji Taniguchi attended from Chuo.

The conference is held for the purpose of developing ties in the higher education in both countries, attended by representing universities from both countries.
This time there were 16 universities and 5 institutions from Japan including the lead organizer Tokyo University, and 20 universities attending from China.

Following the individual discussions and the welcome reception on the first day, President Fukuhara acted as moderator representing Japan at the first session held on November 1. During the session under the topic, “What Makes a World Leading University,” President Fukuhara facilitated and summarized the many ideas and comments made by the representatives from both countries, and also introduced Chuo’s initiatives and perspectives.

During the conference President Fukuhara also met with the President of the host University of Amoy Zhu Chongshi, and had a lively discussion with the Dean of Law School Liao Yixin, Vice Dean Zhu Fuhui, along with other affiliates.

On November 2, President Fukuhara visited Shanghai, joined by Vice President Shigenori Wakabayashi and Dean of Faculty of Economics Taniguchi, to meet with Branch Chief Shiro Otomo and Secretary General Tatsuya Ishigaki of the Shanghai Hakumon-kai (Chuo alumni organization) which is supporting programs such as the students’ overseas visits.  President Fukuhara then met with Masahiro Kohara, Consul General of Japan in Shanghai. Consul General Kohara expressed high expectations for the globalization measures at Chuo.

On November 3, before the flight back to Japan, President Fukuhara held a meeting with university affiliates in Shanghai, as well as with Chuo alumni who currently reside in Shanghai.

President Fukuhara’s visit and attendance to the conference further accelerates the hopes for stronger ties with China.


University of Amoy (Xiamen University)