Shioura Wins Gold in Dubai


Shinri Shioura, 4th year Faculty of Law, swam in the FINA Swimming World Cup 2013 held in Dubai from October 17 to 18.  
In the newly added mixed program of 200m free relay, Shioura swam first and won gold setting a world record of 1:32.52sec.


Although Shioura’s specialty is freestyle, he swam the medley, breaststroke, and butterfly, winning bronze in the mens’ 50m breaststroke.

Results for Shioura’s program:
Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay – Japan Team (First swimmer Shioura) 1:32.52 (World Record)
Mixed Medley Relay – Japan Team (Third swimmer Shioura) 1:43.15 Second Place
Mens’ 50m Breaststroke – 27.38 sec. Third PlaceMens’ 100m Medley – 52.90 sec. Fourth Place
Mens’ 50m Freestyle – 21.58 sec. Fifth PlaceMens’ 100m Butterfly – 51.62 sec. Fifth Place