Award for Promotion of International Understanding


Sulaiman Khaled (3rd-year PhD student in the Graduate School of Commerce) was selected as the 2012 Outstanding Instructor for the Cross-Cultural Understanding Education Program within the Our Teacher is a Foreign Student! program held by the Japan Association for Promotion of International Understanding, a public interest incorporated foundation. Sulaiman was awarded at a gathering of foreign teacher students held on June 1st (Sat.). 

The goal of the Our Teacher is a Foreign Student! program is to promote international understanding and interaction among students at elementary, junior high and high schools. Foreign students teach at elementary, junior high and high schools on topics such as the lifestyle and culture of people in their native country, their impression on studying abroad in Japan, and their dreams for the future. This interaction with Japanese children is a program for assisting education for international understanding at schools. The program started in 1989 and this year marks its 25th year. In 2012, 1,904 lesson hours were taught at 245 schools as part of the Cross-Cultural Understanding Education Program.