[Auto. Club] Winning individual and group titles


 The All-Kanto Collegiate Gymkhana Championships were held on May 11th at the Fuji International Speedway Gymkhana Course in Shizuoka Prefecture. Hideyuki Tsuchida (4th year in the Faculty of Commerce) of the Chuo University Auto. Club won the men’s individual title and our team also won the group title.
 In the gymkhana event, three drivers formed a team. Each driver went through the course two times while competing for the best individual and group times. Representing the Chuo University Auto. Club were Hideyuki Tsuchiya (4th year in the Faculty of Commerce), Yasuharu Tada (3rd year in the Faculty of Science and Engineering) and Shun Daikohara (4th year in the Faculty of Law). Despite struggling with worsening road conditions caused by torrential rains and experiencing trouble with their vehicles, all three drivers gave their best effort and posted an outstanding victory.

 The next race is the All-Kanto Collegiate Dirt Trials Championships held at the end of June.
Please continue to support our athletes.

   1st Place: Hideyuki Tsuchiya 1 min 3.76 sec
   11th Place: Yasuharu Tada 1 min 7.48 sec
   12th Place: Shun Daikohara 1 min 7.49 sec
   1st Place: Chuo University


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