[Badminton] Won a promotion to the 1st League


On May 12th (Sunday), a game to determine league affiliation in the Kanto University Badminton Spring League was held at the Chiba University of Commerce. The Chuo University Badminton Team participated in the game as the champion of the 2nd League. Our opponent was University of Tsukuba, which finished 6th in the 1st League. Thanks to outstanding performances by MVP-winner Takumi Kondo (2nd year in the Faculty of Commerce) and rookie-of-the-year Kenta Nishimoto (1st year in the Faculty of Law) the Chuo team won in straight sets, 3-0, and earned the right to compete again in the 1st League.
 Thanks to everyone for supporting our athletes.
 We look forward to even better results once our badminton team begins participating in 1st League games during the Autumn League.

Result of Game to Determine League Affiliation
Chuo University 3 – University of Tsukuba 0


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